The Snake Oil Company

The Snake Oil Company released their first record, INSTANT RELIEF, in October 2023.
And a new album is already planned.

The band plays songs made by its singer Stenari, as well as a few carefully selected covers

In their own music, the band certainly has a strong country background, but it has hints of rock ’n roll, blues and even jazz. The Snake Oil Company is specifically a live band and you can tell when you listen to the band. When picking songs, one important factor is always dance and rhythm. According to Stenari, when talking about country music, the importance of rhythm to the genre is often forgotten.

Country music is made to be danced and lived. Its soul comes from the life lived, the fates experienced and the feelings shared. It should get your feet up and your head drunk.

Snake oil company

The band

Tuomas Räisänen 🎸

A guitar picker, singer-songwriter, and accomplished producer from Tampere, who also holds a background as a non-practising philosophy teacher. This talented individual’s musical journey has taken him on a remarkable odyssey, captivating audiences with his soulful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.

Notably, he is presently an integral part of several musical endeavors, including the bands Codeshakers, Del Futuras, and the distinctive collaboration with Paavo Kässi & Takaoven mies. His ability to blend diverse musical influences and craft unique compositions has earned him recognition as a versatile artist.

Ville Lehtovaara 🥁

A highly skilled drummer, percussionist, and sought-after session musician with a knack for producing captivating rhythms. With a versatile repertoire like roots, pop, rock, latin, and jazz, his expertise knows no bounds.

Currently making waves alongside notable acts such as Wiley Cousins, Fuzzy Mama, Del Futuras, Stenari & the Snake Oil Company, The Boom Machine, and a diverse array of other talented artists.

Released his first solo album ’Regroovable’ in 2018.

Stenari 🎤

As a singer, guitarist, and singer-songwriter, crafting soul-stirring melodies that resonate with listeners.

Beyond solo troubadour, now lending talents to Bad Rabbit, contributing their mesmerizing voice as a key member.

Tommi Laine 🎸

As a guitarist, bass player, and accomplished session musician, bringing expertise to a diverse range of genres, including roots, blues, jazz, and world music.

Currently, he is making musical waves alongside notable acts such as Pekko Käppi & K:H;H:L, Fuzzy Mama, and Tommi Laine & the Graveyard Shift. Artistry enriches every project, delivering an unforgettable musical experience.

Images on the page by Jani Juusela